A long-awaited encounter


Every year for 25 years in mid-January, elite breeders of our eight main dairy races come together at SwissExpo. This is a great reunion between Swiss breeders and also, increasingly, those from surrounding countries. At SwissExpo, the passion for breeding knows no boundaries. In the vast barns that never sleep, the atmosphere is one of preparation before entering the ring. Each animal is carefully clipped in an attempt to score a distinction.

Since being voted one of the top three dairy competitions in the world, the exhibition’s international renown has exploded. This is demonstrated by the international media coverage of the event and the increase in accreditation requests from foreign journalists and photographers, as well as the record crowds of international visitors who come from all over Europe as well as Canada, the United States, Russia, Japan and Taiwan.

Why take part?

SwissExpo is an opportunity to share your passion with other breeders from Switzerland and beyond.
Over the intense four-day event, you can leave the anonymity of your barns behind and showcase the results of your work as a breeder. The welcoming, festive atmosphere makes SwissExpo the no. 1 in Europe for breeders.

Where do the breeders come from?

In 2020, SwissExpo hosted over 1,000 cows and heifers in the competition and some 400 breeders, making it the biggest European dairy cattle competition in Europe with eight dairy breeds competing.
The majority of breeders come from Switzerland. But every year more and more foreign breeders come to compete in SwissExpo. At the last event, there were delegations from France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium and Spain.

Prioritising animal welfare

The animals are housed in a spacious 27,000m2 hall that is light and well ventilated with comfortable modern installations.
SwissExpo was the first competition organiser to introduce ultrasound udder inspection. It has now become an obligation for all competitions, as well as the establishment of an audit committee tasked with ensuring that there is no mistreatment in the barns or before entering the ring. Furthermore, two vets hired by SwissExpo are present throughout the duration of the event.





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