International showmanship


Swiss Expo will be holding its third international showmanship competition.

This presentation competition will be open to young breeders aged 10 to 28 from all countries. All participants presenting a heifer, no matter the race, can participate. The aim is to compare young breeders from the same age range in order to guarantee a fair competition. The young breeders will therefore be divided by age group so that the judging panel can select a junior champion and a senior champion.

Le showmanship

Showmanship is a presentation competition where the presenter, rather than the animal, is judged.
The young breeders will be judged according to several criteria: the way the breeder presents their cattle in the ring, the way the breeder follows the instructions from the judge and to what extent they can position their animal well in order to present their advantages effectively.


Success during a showmanship competition depends on numerous factors, such as the choice of animal.
It must be the right size compared to its breeder. It is also a good idea to start training early enough to guarantee harmony between the animal and the breeder. The animal must also be correctly fed and cared for in order for it to be in good health.


Clothing also plays a role: the breeder should wear white trousers.
The halter must be the correct size, neither to big nor too small. The most important criteria, however, are the way the animal is presented in the ring and respect for the rules regarding the presentation and positioning of the animal by the breeder.

Inscription Showmanship 2024

Registration deadline : Friday, January 12, 2024

“ It is also essential to feel the pleasure and pride that every young breeder should experience during this showmanship competition. ”



JUDGE : Brian Carscadden (Canada)

Javier Garcia Sanchez, Cantabria (ES)

Reserve : Alain Lüthi, Rapperswil (CH) Mention : Katharina Mock, Markdorf (DE)




JUDGE : Brian Carscadden (Canada)

Champion : Jonas Gyger, Hägendorf (CH)

Reserve : Jemming Lynn, Limpach (LU) Mention : Durrer Alexandre, Obwald (CH)


1. Jann Bürkli, Muri (CH)
2. Alicia Gutzviller, Michelbach Le Haut (FR)
3. Maeva Faure, Bindernheim (FR)
4. Sélina Fuchs , Guschelmuth (CH)
5. Lilly Bürkli, Muri (CH)
6. Rey Charline, Les Verrières (Vaud)
7. Rey Arnaud, Les Verrières (Vaud)

1. Javier Garcia Sanchez, Cantabria (ES)
2. Julien Rouiller, Fribourg (CH)
3. Louisa Amstutz, Mont-Tramelan (CH)
4. Gilles Junod, Mutrux (CH)
5. Laurin Schmid, Schüpfheim (CH)
6. Emilie Pradervand, Grens (CH)
7. Lauriane Henchoz, Essertines-sur-yverdon (CH)
8. João Marques Grilo, Gland (CH)

1. Katharina Mock, Markdorf (DE)
2. Loane Golay, L’Orient (CH)
3. Vincent Kolly, Epagny (CH)
4. Matéo Sebastiani, Epagny (CH)
5. Damien Gasser, Les Pontins (CH)
6. Alicia Girardin, Cornol (CH)
7. Alexandre Pradervand , Grens (CH)
8. Lionel Seuret, Bévilard (CH)
9. Marianna Etter , Anrosey (FR)
10. Romain Chassany, Fridefont (FR)
11. Marie Landeroin, Valleiry (FR)

1. Alain Lüthi, Rapperswil (CH)
2. Llorenç Bosch Pons, Menorca (SP)
3. Andréa Resch, Merxheim (FR)
4. Romain Vonlaufen, Vallorbe (CH)
5. Blaise Martin, Belmont-sur-Yverdon (CH)
6. Tanguy Baunin, Chermisey (FR)
7. Léo Lemoine, Blagny (FR)

1. Améline Perrin, Hâcourt (FR)
2. Sarah Fackiner, Hessen (DE)
3. Clodine Baumgartner, Navan (CA)
4. Julien Bœuf, France (FR)
5. Kilian Urben, Apples (CH)
6. Charles Magnin, Broc (CH)
7. Johanna Poncet, Ballaigues (FR)
8. Enzo North, Haut-Rhin (FR)

1. Pieter Vandewalle, Boezinge (BE)
2. Martina Hämmerle, Dornbirn (AT)
3. Damien Thiebaut, Haut-Rhin (FR)
4. Cédric Gasser, Les Pontins (CH)
5. Alexandra Richard, Haute-Savoie (FR)
6. Sabrina Schneiter, Le Locle (CH)
7. Jana Weinberg, Isterberg (DE)
8. Louis Frischinger, Tagsdorf (FR)
9. Jessica Perrier, Ollon (CH)

1. Jonas Gyger, Hägendorf (CH)
2. Durrer Alexandre, Obwald (CH)
3. Florie Poirrier, Chéoux (BE)
4. Jana Schramm, Fichtenberg (DE)
5. Benjamin Perrin, Clairvaux les lacs (FR)
6. Charlotte Feuerbach, Jebsheim (FR)
7. Antoine Cadoux, Athenaz (CH)
8. Manon Flury, Moutier (CH)
9. Elodie Wahl, Haute Savoie (FR)
10. Caroline Bieri, Avully (CH)

1. Jemming Lynn, Limpach (LU)
2. Michael Fankhauser, Burgistein (CH)
3. Joël Kaltenrieder, öleyres (CH)
4. Lionel Butsch, Ranspach-le-haut (FR)
5. Adeline Gottofrey, Fribourg (CH)
6. Damien Carrard, Chatillon (CH)
7. Yves Ritzenthaler , Jebsheim (FR)
8. Valentin Rué, Osenbach (FR)
9. Alexandre Cipriani, La Roche sur Foron (FR)